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I've been through the same journey since a couple of weeks ago and I gotta say that you have put together some nice points in here. My two cents:

If you are here you should have the following installed:


This is going too into the specifics, mostly because they are not necessarily a requirement. These are only valid on a fresh macOS machine, and are not the case, let's say, if you are using Ubuntu for example. I'd just point out to the hugo installation page for completeness, and leave the maintaining burden where it belongs.

When choosing a theme, you say:

Note: make sure you click "Use SSH" on the popup box then copy the SSH key.

This is also not necessarily true. If you are not going to push to a repository (which is probably the case as you are cloning something where you might have no writing rights anyway) then authentication is not the main problem. The https clone works just as well.

The rest of it is definitely on point. Personally I chose gitlab for my free website hosting because, mainly, a personal preference given the free repositories and free webhosting for each and every organization I create there. Ever since I read this post (thanks @effingkay ) I've been meaning to also try netlify, but sadly haven't have the time for it. Maybe you'd like to check it out!



Thanks for your input! You're definitely right about installing brew and go. My intent was to make sure that the user had everything they needed to do this tutorial, but I agree that it might be getting into the details and best left to that Hugo page! I will make the edit! Thanks again!

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