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The main thought I had while reading this article: Developer != Web Developer. I had the impression during the whole article that it was written only having in mind that the interested reader is doing front-end, which is clearly not the case for the case of reading or the whole generalization of saying "developer is the new blue collar job".

Developing is, as you state correctly, more than just knowing how to code. I develop for a living and I certainly didn't spend get my bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science, because for me learning a computer language is like learning any other language: I need to communicate to the computer so that I does what I need it to do. I don't do front-end, but certainly I'm in the position I do now thanks to the education I've had.

I've seen this over-generalization a lot in, and I normally don't care about it because, well, there are just a lot of people making amazing posts that are interesting for me. But I believe the title is misleading to the point that new developers (or even some experienced ones) should know that there is a whole world out there that needs capable problem-solvers with a strong theoretical background solving everyday problems, which are engineers (not necessarily, almost rarely, computational engineers/computer scientists) who develop, ergo developers as well.

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