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Discussion on: Linux, the right choice?

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That is interesting, I just assumed I couldn't use secure boot with the card I was working with. I did notice on my wife's laptop, Mint wanted to load a proprietary driver for her Wifi card, but I told it no because the open source driver was already loaded and working fine.

I definitely agree that for most end users, Linux can be a problem. When it "just works" it's great, but when something breaks, you have to get under the hood to fix it.

That being said, I feel Windows is not as much better in that regard. 90% of my income for my part time computer repair business is end users who call me because Windows isn't working right on their computer and they can't figure out how to fix it. Only difference in the repair process is that most repairs in Windows are from the GUI, I generally only use CLI for information gathering.

And Windows breaks a LOT more often, usually due to updates. Once I have a stable Linux based system setup for a customer, I usually don't get called back unless they want to add something new. Windows on the other hand, I get 30 voicemails every six months when Microsoft releases their updates and stuff that was fine stops working.

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iradatur rahmatullah

youre right, windows OS are not worth for web dev / mobile dev. someone using windows coz adobe and games if for video/music editing Mac is choice