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This is a silly way to ask a serious question.

What is your why in life? Why do you do what you do?


I'm not sure if I can distill it into one thing, but here are some of my why's:

  • My mom, single mother of five, is still working 10+ hrs/day and she's almost 70. I desperately want to help her live comfortably. This is a hell of a way to drive me as an entrepreneur.
  • In the past few years I've become pretty damn "woke" about some social issues I never paid as much attention to in the past. I'm very motivated by my capacity to use my skills and privilege to help in any way I can.
  • I love making things and capacity to obsess has always been my secret weapon in life. Always at the expense of a sliver of my sanity, but I was raised Buddhist, and meditation has always helped take the edge off. I'd hate to know my brain without that in my upbringing.

That along the lines of what you were asking?

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