re: Tutorial: How to share code between iOS, Android & Web using React Native, react-native-web and monorepo VIEW POST


You can run debug session from vscode with React Native Tools extension. But with monorepo its little hacky... btw, read-native run-its --project-path "./packages/mobile/ios" also work

I setup only iOS project with macos: you need to specify "runArguments": ["--project-path", "./packages/mobile/ios"] in debug task in launch.json and symlink with command:

ln -s /Users/proof666/Desktop/Projects/ShopList_new/PaperList/packages/mobile/ios  /Users/proof666/Desktop/Projects/ShopList_new/PaperList/ios

~if somebody already setup android debug, please ping me~
in vscode task for android add

"runArguments": ["--root", "./packages/mobile"] 

Thanks for sharing!

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