Discussion on: How to Create Reproducible AWS Infrastructure with Terraform Modules

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Mirko Vukušić

And what are the advantages of Terraform over AWS Cloud Formation and their yaml format? I just recently started putting my AWS resources into code, but at the moment can't se a reason to go outside of AWS to do this.

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Mark Sta Ana

TL;DR If you don’t need to codify non-AWS infrastructure then stick to Cloud Formation.

If you maintain use multiple cloud vendors (Azure, AWS) then you don’t need to learn those vendors specific Infrastructure as Code solutions (ARM, Cloud Formation)

Also if you’re orchestrating more than just AWS resources (Okta), then it make sense to use Terraform.

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Aron Johnson

These are great points Mark! I use both, and they are both great products. One is not better than the other, just better suited for different scenarios.

I will add that, you might also consider vendor support. If, for example, you are building a SaaS offering largely on AWS, you might give preference to Cloud Formation as that is what the AWS support staff and AWS architects will be familiar with.