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re: Good to know that's available, but why not just use fetch?

I'm glad some one brought up fetch()! Fetch is pretty sweet, but I've found it to be less than perfect when you need to modify headers, particularly for authentication.

Out of the box jQuery's $.ajax() will forward any headers currently set on the page. Fetch however is a lot lower level, similar to using XHR directly. That being the case headers, cookies and authentication parameters have to be set manually.

If you're using GET or a simple POST then yeah, fetch() is fine. But if you want to do anything more complex jQuery, or an Ajax library can be easier.


The big benefit to using jQuery's ajax over Axios or Superagent is that it's probably already in your browsers cache from another website, so it's the most common sense tool to use.

But yeah, I use fetch when I can... 😃

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