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I was following your tutorial line by line, and just before the last step( npm run build), I got an error "No configuration file found and no output filename configured via CLI option. A configuration file could be named 'webpack.config.js' in the current directory."
Please help.


I was able to get this up and running by doing a few things:

  1. make sure your public folder file structure matches what is in Samuels github repo here: github.com/abiodunjames/NodeJs-Tod...

Mine was off a little bit based on how I read the instructions. Make sure you check out the subfolders for consistency as well.

  1. Make sure you have a webpack.config.js in your root folder that looks like this: github.com/markjohnson303/vue-todo....

  2. Don't forget the last step of updating index.html to reference bundle.js

I had to make a couple changes to the webpack.config.js that Samuel has in his repo, but this should get you going.


Thanks Mark J. I got error when running 'npm run build'. So I followed your suggestions, checked for file structure and used your webpack.config.js.

I got passed this error. However, when I load the app, add/delete/all work but update function didn't work (.save callback function didn't fire).

So I made this change and it's now working:

function (error, todo) {

Changed to (removed {})

function (error, todo) {

Based on suggestions on best practice, I also changed file names to lowercase (todo.js, routes.js, config.js) and variable Todo -> todo.


Sorry for late my response. I think you are webpack.config.js. github.com/abiodunjames/NodeJs-Tod...

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