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What an awesome idea for a thread!

I've definitely gone though a lot of iterations on my portfolio. The latest version is available here:

I'd love to get some feedback! So far I've been keeping it pretty minimal; I'm curious whether you people think that's a good idea of if a more fleshed-out design would be better.


Nice design! It's fast and minimalist. I did a redesign as well check out this site


I'm a big fan of your site's simplicity. It looks and feels really nice, easy to find content and nothing distracting.

My main thing is that it doesn't seem like you've taken into account any devices other than desktop? It doesn't adjust itself to a mobile phone, so it very 'zoomed' out and when resizing the browser on a desktop the icons start to overlap the text content around 640px.


Oh, you're right! I had forgotten about that. I'll have to revisit it sometime and aim for responsiveness, particularly in the grid area.


I love the look of this site. Simple, elegant, to the point, and the right things are highlighted. I think this is such an excellent example of a minimalist site with great design.

Also, teaching kids to code is the most fun thing ever :)


That's great to hear! Design is always a little bit tricky to evaluate on your own, so getting some positive feedback is nice. :)

As you said, teaching kids to code definitely strikes a chord with me. There's something incredibly satisfying about seeing people have eureka moments. Plus, with kids, there's a lot of excitement around elements of programming which I sometimes take for granted.


I really like the animation that reveals your contact form, but I'd make it launch on a button rather than an anchor link, because that'd be better for accessibility.

I also like the strong black line at the top of the page!


Oh, that's a good call. I remember that my reasoning at the time was that I wanted the text of the link/button to be able to be split across multiple lines. You can't set display: inline on a button, but I suppose that's a small price to be paid.


Rocket Spelling rocks. Full-stop.

Design reminds me of everything I've heard/read about marrying the tone/typography/design to the actual content.

The animations are killer. Looks like you've been painstaking in your work on it.

Very nice work.



The site itself is very understated by comparison to what it links to.

I might, if I were you, consider again, perhaps the black bar at the top.

There isn't one at the bottom and so it distracted me a slight bit as though it might have some functionality--That is, I found myself scrolling up as far as possible because I thought I hadn't revealed the menu, or something.

This might be avoided if you have, say, a similar black bar position: fixed (?) at the bottom... In this way you might achieve symmetry.

-oh! it's just me, but I'd but some kind of fancy schmancy affordance for your blog link at the bottom.

--It certainly doesn't detract from the design, tho. Very nice!~

favicon is adorable.


Glad you like the look of Rocket Spelling! I definitely put a lot of time (and iterations) into it.

Interesting to hear your feedback on the black bar. I'll keep looking for an option to satisfy everyone (definitely getting mixed feedback so far).

Thanks for the thorough response!


There's something about your website that I just can't put my finger on but I love it! the colors, the simplicity and the little details like the small underline under the header. Inspiring :)

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