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I love this idea!

One fear I have is that polls could result in less discussion happening in the comments. A user who wants to contribute their opinion and who previously might have written an in-depth comment could instead choose to vote and nothing more. This isn't always bad, but it might result in less nuanced conversations.

I'm not sure what the right solution is to this problem. Even without any changes, though, polls definitely seem like a net win for the platform. πŸ‘


It think that if you want the users to discuss in comment section, don't post a poll then.


Yes, this is exactly my thinking and feeling as well. For me, one of the huge attractions of DEV has been the active conversation generated by even the thoughts and questions posted. Polls could lead to more folks using a simple click to engage, and moving on. Interested to see how this might pan out, though!


Could be neat maybe to have a post-voting prompt to ask users to elaborate on their choice in the comments?

I bet that would work well and be a fun little nudge.


Yes anything to incentivize conversation. That’s the best part of dev.to! :)

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