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re: Hi Katie thanks for your comment. It is a good point to make that often you are comparing yourself to the public image of others. This is usually a...

This hit home for me to - I have tried to start living by not comparing myself to anyone but myself, and if I can just do one litte thing to better myself, then it's a successful day.

Enjoyed the whole article, kudos.

The rest is sort of unrelated. I have fallen out of love with programming after 17years. I was in love with programming right from the start, I would go over my development books as I was taking other classes. And would code into the night breathlessly waiting to see if I could fix that bug or come up with a feature I wanted.

I'm not sure when it happen, slowly over 2 years. But the things that used to excite me, no longer thrill me anymore, so I decided to make a change.

And that change, to move into a data science or machine learning roll, has been one of the greatest times I can remember in a really long time. Now there are awesome new things to learn, a lot of math I'll need to push myself to get through.

So just my story if someone sees it - is that it also might just be time for a change.

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