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Discussion on: What is key to a great home office setup?

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Don Ferris • Edited

My number one recommendation- multiple monitors. 2 is infinitely better than one, and 3 is a big step up from 2. This is especially essential for coding, IMO. I’ve had 3 monitors for 4-5 years now and I still can’t imagine how I ever got by with a single monitor. I know a guy who has a big ultrawide monitor. It’s pretty cool (and he loves it for gaming) but I much prefer my triple monitor setup.

My number 2 recommendation is to make it your own - whether that means Star Wars memorabilia everywhere or framed Salvador Dali prints or whatever. Paint your walls your favorite color... make it a place you’ll enjoy spending time. If you’re a music lover, don’t settle for crappy computer speakers - get a really nice Bluetooth speaker (I LOVE my Marshall Kilburn) or go all out and setup a receiver and some good bookshelf speakers - maybe even a subwoofer. My office/lab has “floating shelves” high up on the walls (we have high ceilings) on which I have many Tiki gods, parrots, conch shells, hula girls, and a set of bongos. There’s also a hanging puffer fish lamp for ambiance. When I walk into my office, I say, “Alexa, take me to the Tiki Lounge” and she turns on the puffer fish lamp and starts playing vintage Hawaiian music on my Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker. Always makes me smile!

I also really LOVE my 19” equipment rack... (get a 4 poster - NOT 2! Sometimes businesses actually throw them out/give them away so watch Craigslist and don’t overpay.) I put my main PC in a 4U rackmount case and it lives in my rack along with my media server, a rackmount UPS, power conditioner, switch panel, 2 printers, and a couple shelves to hold small miscellaneous stuff like my modem, router, and a few Raspberry Pis (home automation hub, Pihole, etc.) I used to have a vintage Harman Kardon receiver at the top connected to a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers but I got a really good offer on the Klipsch speakers and decided the Marshall Bluetooth speaker was good enough for my office (background music) needs.

Oh - and if you’ll be doing multiple things in your office, consider more than one workspace(/desk, etc.) I have two desks in an L-formation and I roll my chair from one to the other. It’s fantastic!