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Discussion on: I Got a Perfect Lighthouse Score on My First Portfolio Website!

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I highly doubt 100% Performance is real. I'm on 16c/32t cpu with 12 SSDs RAID 10 and my LOCALHOST tests always float around 95-97%, usually the "Largest Contentful Paint" is the culprit. This happens even when everything is loaded from RAM drive

Anyway the 100% at first 4 Lighthouse circles of hell is somewhat easily achievable without 3rd party libraries - vanilla HTML+CSS+JS. Last year me and a couple of coworkers did a small competition where the goal was to do that below 2 hours ... All of us hit it at around 1:10-15h with average site size 4-5 times smaller and logic error-free excluding some typos in the code. Our conclusion was that the coder will definitely waste more time in setting up the machine for the tests (installing and configuring OS + web-server + database) than coding a site with 100% Lighthouse score from the scratch

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Pranav Birajdar Author

I know these scores don't mean much. But I've been told that recruiters sometimes check, and it kinda looks good to have a decent score.

Most of my other projects hover in the 90s and I'm okay with that. It's decent enough.