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re: Nice advice about the distractions, I always tend to multi-task a lot but I kind of suck at it (the fact that it took me half an hour to write this...

I'm not really found of it because the whole "30min then take a small break" feels like I'm just breaking my momentum.

It's hard to give concrete advice as context is everything but I'll try and give some examples

The idea of bashing out loads of code constantly over a number of hours is often romanticised in software development but in my view it's a bit overrated. You often feel productive but actually you can end up diving down massive rabbit holes.

Giving yourself time to reflect as you complete tasks is important.

Agile teaches us that working on smaller tasks are more likely to succeed. So does things like TDD. Practicing how to break down big tasks into small tasks that makes sense is an important skill in software development so it's nice to be able to practice it on your own work too.

So try and aim to finish something that you think you can do in half an hour instead. Have your break, think about what you've done and then move on to the next thing.

Yeah I guess breaking down my tasks is something I should do more and better... I'll try that.

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