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Discussion on: A discussion regarding pure JS apps

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Chris James • Edited on

I think you're asking the wrong questions.

David isn't saying never use frameworks, he's saying use them when you need them

So how do you know?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of writting an app without a framework

David goes in more depth but:

  • Dont have to learn someone else's view of how your code should be structured
  • You dont need to buy any books
  • You'll probably have less JS to send to your clients
  • You probably dont need everything the framework is giving you

and would you recommend that/can you give any resources that represent a real world app

Think about your requirements and whether that needs a framework to do what it's doing.

Recently, the necessity to build a portal for my team to share the current projects and their progress came into the picture,

For an MVP of this I wouldn't even think about writing any Javascript

You asked for an example.

Here is my website, it lists posts and displays them. It was so easy to write, definitely easier than anything you'd write in react

100% zero JS. Yeah sure it's a "simple blog". But a lot of websites, when you boil them down a big, are simple blogs really.

  1. Get some text from somewhere according to some kinda key / query
  2. Stick it on a page as text

If you really need some client-side rich behaviour, then by all means a framework may serve you well. Just make sure that's what you actually need.