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The carbon footprint of your website

Stumbled across this website which measures the carbon footprint of your website.

I've always believed in lightweight, efficient websites to deliver content. I firmly believe in not using client-side JS unless absolutely necessary because not everyone has an Internet Telephone Professional Maximum on a 4g connection.

I ranted about this and riled up the community about this subject here

Here's how my website scores is 96% cleaner than other websites tested

What's your score?

Given the huge amount of evidence pointing to how website performance effects users and the environment, what are you going to do about it?

For more on this check out the slides of this excellent talk

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ruthmoog profile image

Yep! Think I can trim some fat off mine. 😎

grahamlyons profile image
Graham Lyons

I keep my website extra green by ensuring the traffic to it is low:
Website Carbon result for

gypsydave5 profile image
David Wickes

95%, which is what I pay for loading up MathJax I guess...

luccabiagi profile image
Lucca Biagi

My syster site still 0.86g... When I deploy the vue version, I think that will be better....