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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v43

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Rachel Johnson

Hiya! I'm new to the Dev community and still finding my feet! I found my way here through this year's Hacktoberfest.

I have a strong background in Graphic Design, and I've been working in Front End Web Development for a few years. Most jobs had me building Wordpress themes for clients, so I'm somewhat versed in PHP. I'm currently branching out into actual PHP and SQL to create fully functional websites from the ground up without a CMS. I recently finished my first Client Portal website and I'm super excited to learn more.

I've just applied to be do a Master of IT in March, so hopefully that goes through!

Hoping to eventually be a bigger part of the Dev community!

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Jessica Van Rooyen

Hey Rachel! Good luck on your master's!

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Joseph D Paquette

Hey Rachel, welcome to the community as well. I am also new here. I recently started on some Wordpress classes on Udemy. I like what I have been learning thus far.