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As someone who has far better energy levels when not addicted to caffeine, I have to caution against the abuse of what is our most commonly used stimulant drug.
Too much caffeine consumption (and then not maintaining or upping your levels) can also cause feelings of fatigue and burnout.


Yeah, coffee’s okay for me but it’s a seriously addictive drug and its benefits wear off over time.

Coffee cleanse can go a long way.

I quit smoking a few years ago. That was difficult, but definitely not impossible as I had lots of practice having quit multiple times over the years.

Waking up and not putting on the kettle and loading up the press.... is... what kind of morning is that? What is the point? YOU'LL NEVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME BEN*.

*Apologies for using your first name like we know each other, but I think it was necessary to drive the point home.

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