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Like Ben, I built some web sites as a kid. I wrote HTML in Homesite back in the 90's well before Macromedia bought it. I got an associate's degree in computer science and proceeded to do nothing with it for many years.

I worked at Walmart as a cashier for a few years. Made $6.50 an hour. Went from there to Comcast where I worked in a call center for about 3 years doing support for their internet service. Then I worked in IT for a public school system for about 7 years propping up Windows 98 computers deep into the 2000s.

I left the school system and started a premium email newsletter for educators to teach them how to better utilize their technology. Refreshed my knowledge of web development and built a site for the project. I wrote that newsletter for a full year for a single paying subscriber.

I shut down the newsletter and decided to utilize my web development refresh to build for others. Got my first client on Reddit in the forhire subreddit. Then, I realized it's much easier to find work in-person. I built up a freelancing practice from there, and I now teach others how to do the same.

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