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Use Node.js to build a time server and a web server

In this video, we’re continuing through the Learn You Node workshop. We’ll build a TCP time server which answers each TCP request with the current time and a web server that responds to HTTP requests with a file.

Video Notes

❗ If you haven’t done the other videos of this series, you might be lost. Start with the first video in the series.

📺 Part 1

📝 If you need to install Learn You Node, you can get directions on their repo.

📅🕐 In the process of doing this, we’ll also learn to use NPM to install and manage a dependency. We’ll be incorporating date-fns, a date utility library for client-side Javascript and Node.

👋 Thank you for watching and for working through the exercises with me! Look out for the final video in which we’ll work through the remaining Learn You Node exercises together.

If you're excited about your new skills and looking for a project so you can put them to good use, check out my list of web development project ideas.

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