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Discussion on: Former Apple Genius, left to go on a 16 month roadtrip and am now learning to code

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Are you using any books to learn JavaScript? I'm curious because I know a lot of people begin with online learning, but IMO books offer some rich background that sometimes we miss when only using online learning. Just curious.

I really like JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (4th ed.) via amazon. It might be one you'd like to read along side the online training.
Good luck and have fun with it. I always like to build small projects to keep myself focused on moving forward with the technology.

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zed Author

Thanks for the suggestion, but as of right now I'm not using any books.

My Flatiron classes actually start January 11 and that will be concurrent learning with an instructor other students (over zoom, slack, etc...). Leading up to Jan. 11 is about 100hrs of pre-work that is more similar to what you're imagining online learning to look like.

I feel like I'm learning alot already, even though I haven't been doing this too long. Will look into getting a textbook if I'm not feeling so confident down the line.