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re: UML is definitely worth learning, and there's a lot of good stuff in there when used sparingly. As others have said already, you need to watch that...

Hi and thank you for your replay. I aware that other developers which I'm working with should understand me and my language which is in that case UML. In my opinion the biggest advantage of UML is that it is understand by developers accross companies and technologies. I can send a diagram written in UML to 3rd parties and I will be understand (or I hope I'll be :)).

I'll look at C4 model and video from your presentation.


Thanks, you're welcome! Yes, the biggest advantage of UML is that it should be understood by people in different teams and organisations, but that hasn't turned out to be the case unfortunately. As with any notation, it's easy to create diagrams that are meaningless. I always point to these examples ... I'm sure they are "correct" UML, but I don't really understand what that diagram is saying, what the responsibilities of the "components" are, etc.

That's true that with UML we can easily create meaningless diagrams or diagrams which are only understandable for UML experts rather than regular developers. In general we should avoid that. I've been working with one architect which has created such a diagrams. They were hard to understand but I can in easy way generate C# classes based on those diagrams. That was quite comfortable :)

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