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Converting GIF to MP4

GIF's are awesome we use them everywhere. But the issue with GIF's are they are usually much larger in size compared to their video counterparts.

To overcome this we usually convert GIF to MP4 and play them in loop. Usually we do this conversion in the server using ffmpeg or wrapper over ffmpeg. This conversion might be resource intensive.

Luckily there is WASM port of ffmpeg. Which means we could use it to convert GIF to MP4 easily as follow

import FFmpeg from '@ffmpeg/ffmpeg';
import { even } from 'prelude-ls';

const { createFFmpeg, fetchFile } = FFmpeg;

const ffmpeg = createFFmpeg({ log: true });

  .addEventListener('change', async ({ target: { files } }) => {
    const { name } = files[0];
    await ffmpeg.load();
    ffmpeg.FS('writeFile', name, await fetchFile(files[0]));
    await'-f', 'gif', '-i', name, 'output.mp4');
    const data = ffmpeg.FS('readFile', 'output.mp4');
    const video = document.getElementById('player');
    video.src = URL.createObjectURL(
      new Blob([data.buffer], { type: 'video/mp4' }),
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Here is the demo and here is the source


  • There could be additional flags supplied to ffmpeg to limit the frame rate, height and width of the video file...

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Arun Kumar

Wow :O

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Max Programming

It does not seem to work right now. There is some CORS issue