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Access file system like object

When you write small scripts in nodejs it is sometimes annoying to deal with the file system API. Wouldn't it be nice if you can access files and folders like you access any object and traverse them easily like you traverse an object in memory.

I came up really simple js proxy wrapper around the file system API so that allows you to treat as if it is an object.

you can install it using npm first

$ npm i node_file_object
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and then use it as follows

const createFileObject = require("node_file_object");

// Path is optional if it is not speficied '/' will be used
// path supplied here should be a folder path
const fileObject = createFileObject({ path: "/home/username" });

// List all files and folders in directory as strings

// List all files and folders as array of objects with additional attributes

// READ the content of a given file

// Walk through file system like you do on an object
// /home/username/Documents/
const documents = fileObject["Documents"];
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Like everything in life this comes with its own downsides. Since it is meant to function like direct object access it uses synchronous file API's which might cause performance issues when used in large projects (since it has to wait for IO to complete). But this will prove useful for smaller scripts where this does not matter.

Here is the source PR's are welcomed!!

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