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Abdul Rahim Shahad
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Why did you decide to study Software Engineering?

In the fall of 2015, shortly before I started college I had my first ever real-life exposure to computer programming. One of my friends had somehow blocked some of us from connecting to a wi-fi network we'd been sharing. When asked how he did that he simply replied "code", and showed us a long block of multicolored text on a dark background on his laptop screen. I didn't understand then how he did it, and I still don't understand now, but there's no doubt that experience sparked some interest in me to try to find out what all this "code" talk was about.
Fast-forward two years later in my sophomore year in college, I took two courses in Programming with Visual Basic and MATLAB. At the end of the semester, I built a simple calculator that solved basic petroleum engineering questions when given certain parameters. It wasn't a huge project but I was so excited about it because it only took the click of a button, using the calculator, to get answers whereas solving those same equations manually would've required at least 3 sheets of paper. This is where my interest in computer programming truly peaked and I made the decision to pursue a different career path. I had finally seen first-hand the power of just a few lines of code.
I started taking free online programming courses and even attempted to change my major at a point but that simply wasn't possible. I was told I'd gone too far into my current major(junior year at the time) and I'd have to start all over if I wanted to study computer science. This meant more cost, which I couldn't afford, so I had to just finish my current major and find another way.
As I continued to take free online classes, what began as an interest grew into a passion and I joined Flatiron school upon graduation from college. I aim to become a very solid developer by the time I graduate from Flatiron and also land a very good well-paying job because let's be honest; there's a LOT of dollars to be made in the software engineering job market.

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