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Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain

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windmill animation in 10KB

The monsoon has started in India and I am from Rajasthan(India) which is the abundant source of renewable energies like Solar & Wind Energy. Thought of animation related to wind energy came to my mind because of the ongoing windy season.

So I present to you the 7th post for #10daysofanimation series. I am doing this series because of the reason that it enables me to develop interesting animations of small size(~ 10-20KB) to make it feasible for web animations. I followed gsap library over css-animations by taking inspiration from a course on frontend masters. If you want to know about the course, leave a comment.


Today's challenge is to animate the windmill in such a way that it looks more real and interesting.

Solution Journey

Let's see the journey to understand the cycle.

1. Wireframing the animation

This step involves drawing the animation ideas(at least 3 ideas) on a piece of paper. The sketches need not be perfect, it is only meant for evolving to a good idea. I came up with 4 ideas that involve elements like windmill, birds, clouds, and wind. Then after a lot of thinking and playing, I locked the idea and decided to go with it.

2. SVG Image with proper ids and classes

The basic element of the animation is the windmill. I googled windmill svg and found nothing cool that suits my idea. So, I designed the SVG(size ~5KB) using illustrator. The reason why I manually designed it is the size and the ease of assigning ids to the elements.

3. Animate elements using gsap

I divided the animation into three sub animations as

  • RotateBlades: to rotate the blades of windmill
  • FlowingWind: show wind to add a natural touch
  • FlyingBirds: show birds to make it interesting

Then I compiled all the three into one using gsap.timeline().
The animation looks like this

Looks cool right! The best part of developing such animations is the size. Anyone can easily add such animations into their website/web-app to enhance the UX(User Experience).

Happy Animating!

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