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Discussion on: How to Level Up Your Dev Game

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Gerade Geldenhuys

Yes. This was me not more than 18 months ago. With my earlier 4 years of experience developing on the web, I felt “bored”. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love doing web development, but I needed to spice up the professional side of my life.

So I decided to add native mobile development to my bag of tricks, and that decision alone opened up all those aspects (you mention above) of being a software developer, which I knew existed, but never really paid any attention to.

I’m still working on doing the Blogging and attending conferences, but eh, all in due time.

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Kim Arnett  Author

Blogging is difficult. When I find time I try to write a couple, then queue them up for when I don't have time. Mostly a winter activity too. In Michigan we only have so much good weather, so I enjoy every bit I can!

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