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Discussion on: What's your advice for new programmers ?

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Ramesh Elaiyavalli

ABL: Always be learning! Review other people's code.

Go Deep: Find any language you like and go deep. C taught me memory management. C++ taught me object-oriented design & Python made me productive.

Be patient: It is okay to get frustrated, bored, and tired. Take breaks often but be persistent.

Invest time: It is easy to write a lot of code in less time. Optimizing code takes time and several iterations.

Copy with care: It is so easy to find code on the internet. Take time to truly understand what the code does before you use it. Will avoid a lot of frustration and embarrassment.

Contribute to opensource projects: Find any project you like on GitHub and learn by doing, interacting with other team members, and solving problems together.

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Aayushi Sharma Author

What's your opinion about Data structures and Algorithms for new programmers ?

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Ramesh Elaiyavalli • Edited

ADS - Algorithms, and Data Structures are very important to build a solid foundation.

Data Structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, hashes, queues & graphs are all ways to store data. Algorithms operate on the data to manage, mutate, and manipulate data.

I personally learned them in C/ C++. You can learn them in any language.

Since most folks here are web developers, you can learn ADS on Javascript. For instance, Oleksii Trekhleb maintains excellent ADS repo here:

Every language has tons of resources such as this.

ADS are important for cracking interviews and to ace exams. In real life, they are usually available in libraries and modules that get the job done. More important to understand the logic than to memorize every one of them.