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Awesome collection. I will pick one from your list every month. Lol. 29 months to go.


It's no joke. You could read a book a month but it will take much longer than 29 months to master the content. I'm still working on it myself and I started almost 20 years ago.


That was just my optimistic understatement. However it is doable, if reading for breadth and familiarity of key concepts.


The best insight from the whole thread :D
Software engineering is a continuous improvement.

I believe "The five dysfunctions of a team" deserves some attention, specially for people working in teams and the leaders out there. I'm unsure it should be in the list, but def. a good read :)

Yes, good feedback, Christopher.

I enjoyed reading "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" but it didn't occur to me to add it to the list.

Anyone on a dysfunctional team will find something useful in this book but--as best as I can recall--it didn't offer many solutions to members of a team. I believe it was all about what you could do if you were the leader of a dysfunctional team.

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