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Andrew makes valid points. Matt, he is in the minority because the majority of web devs are not doing backend work.
I'm full stack lamp, i've built SSRs with caching that load as fast and score better on pagespeed insights and other tools than some SPAs.
It's rarely the tools we use, but the skill of the developer using those tools that really matters. Side note: i've also used angular, react, and vue, though not as much as i'd like yet, so don't judge me just on the lamp statement.

You can build SPAs and CSRs, but if you're screwing em up, an SSR site can outperform it just as easily as SPAs and CSRs can outperform SSRs when those are setup wrong.

People like coding things with the things they know how to use.

How many of us actually stop to go and learn the other side of it to truly have an understanding of how they all work? Very few of us even work in environments where we have to try them all out. Agency work puts me in a lot of projects where i have to learn other ways of doing things, most people work on one platform, using one tech stack, for years and then want to claim that stack is the better way of doing things.

I like to think I've seen enough to say the tools hardly matter if the developer knows how to use them.

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