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Will Author • Edited on

Lol, I definitely don't take offense to "you're old" comments when I'm the oldest in my house by 6 years at the closest and 35 years at the largest!

The hardest aspect is the work-life-self improvement balance? I usually end up getting maybe 5 1/2 hrs sleep trying to fit a 30 hr day into 24. Fortunately for me, my stubbornness and past experiences have helped me along the way.

The other largest challenge I see is more 2 fold, broken into 3 parts. On one side I see my personal passion and dedication to learn and succeed. The 2nd side is my self doubt as to if I'd ever be good enough to succeed, especially later in life with "less time" and more of that "imposter syndrome" always creeping in.

The 3rd part is just the sheer volume of information you get from such a wide variety of sources these days. There are so many people in any topic that say something opposite from the previous person. One podcast or review or blog can say "You got this!", while the next one says "Look Out!".

At the end of the day, you need to decide if this is truly something for you and if it is, then go for it with full passion and don't worry about what might be.

As for those in the industry now, especially compared to being an older learner? The great thing about society today is that the younger generations are far more tolerant, accepting, and not willing to allow bias and insensitivity like others before them. That has helped places like and this industry in general grow faster and be more accepting as a result.

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What I meant was that you have several topics you can write articles on with those questions I posed, expanding on the ideas in this comment into full articles would be invaluable to others.

This is particularly important as it might help you and others with the 2nd point (self doubt) - trust me just search “imposter syndrome” on are not alone in that, but you are probably better equipped to deal with it as you will surely have experienced it before!

As for sheer volume of information - yeah there isn’t much I can say other than absorb loads and then “pick a path”, see if your passion lands on front end, back end, AI etc. That way at least you can focus in on an overwhelm of information in one space! 😂

I look forward to seeing you progress, write and seeing you interact with us all here! Good luck in it all and if you get stuck just throw a question out using the #help tag, loads of people watch that tag so use it heavily!

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Will Author

Thank you for the thoughts and encouragement. I did think about the topic ideas of all the conversation points I've had afterwards. I will definitely be hitting people up for questions along the way!