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Discussion on: Discussion - Is Covid Impacting Developers Life?

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Aleksey Razbakov • Edited on

I am missing offline conferences, meetup and talking to developers face to face in the office on coffee breaks. I realised that I have sometimes raw and unshaped ideas that I can't just express with written words, I need a dialogue, a whiteboard and some brainstorming and IRL collaboration. All this is absent. I miss it. My head goes rounds and ideas don't find their way out.

I enjoyed dancing salsa after work and socialise and get to know new people. As an expat I don't have much friends, so my solution to that was organising grills and parties with strangers. That's not happening.

My passion to dance and lots of free time punched me to kick off WeDance to find dance partners and unite dancers during these times.

P.S. This is open source project, if anyone interested to join and code together - welcome on board!