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Discussion on: How to use git efficiently

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Richard Bukovansky

Well, 3 repos if you don't trust your developers they will create their feature/bugfix branches from correct develop branch, and code lieutenants responsible for accepting PRs or merging from and to correct branches.

Otherwise with git-flow and if you develop new features to all those releases, you will need to have 6 branches (master2_0 => develop2_0, master2_2 => develop2_2, master2_4 => develop2_4). Actually, if you want develop new "main" version, you will end up with 8 branches, with additional branches like master-next and develop-next, where you develop new features which are going to next main release, like 2.6.

If you just maintaining those master2_2 and master2_4 branches for security fixes, you should be OK with just master2_2 and master2_4 without develop2_2 and develop2_4 branches and with classic git-flow hotfix branches.

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André Jacques

That was basically my concern with one repo, it felt really troublesome for not many advantages. It seems for me that 3 repos are the way to go. The repo is cleaner, less confusing.