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Discussion on: How do I improve my problem solving skills and time management?

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Ryan Burmeister-Morrison

Hi! I'm glad you have a desire to improve. That'll get you far.

For time management, I tend to have a simple todo list for small projects. Just a list of features to add to my software. For bigger software, a scrum board works well for me, since it's just a big, more complex todo list. I'd look that up. There are several scrum board applications like GloBoards or Trello. You have your tasks and their relationships and you drag them between the states they're in ("Todo", "Doing", "Done").

As for improving your skills, I think I find that I learn the most when comparing code I've written to code somebody else writes. For example, has daily coding challenges, and sometimes I just like to look through what people post. You can learn a lot that way.

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Fadly Setiawan Author

Hi Ryan, my co-worker had always put the sticky notes in front of his monitor. when I ask him what does it for, he told me that he wants to keep track his progress, maybe it's the most trivial thing that I actually know but tend to ignore, I'm having terrible with short term and long term memory but, keep still rely on it. it's worth to buys some eventually. well I kinda feel uncomfortable having more than 5 tabs on my browser.

this is my first time actively involve at a since I start to create the account, well I'll explore the posts that relate with me then. thanks mate!