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Fadly Setiawan
Fadly Setiawan

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How do I improve my problem solving skills and time management?

hey I've been coding less than 3 years in Javascript Frontend development. mostly working with React while developing the dashboard.

I have a bad time management while do the coding.
I've spend my whole working days fixing bugs that I've made while creating UI feature. I have no idea if someone ask me for the estimation. when I estimate the task for instance a two days, I got took a lot more to get it done.

Another bad practice when I'm developing, I'm ignoring the algorithm steps, I tend to working directly with just write what's on my mind and save and refresh the browser to see my code are going.
again it waste my time when it doesn't meet my expectation.

Writing the algorithm seems doesn't works for me as well. When dealing with complexity sometimes I write the solution to breakdown, but yet it more to come the solution has many branch which actually I can't decide which the right one.

can someone share any opinion or advice here?
I want to working more quickly and become better developer, can you guys please share me how is your working step when do the coding.

Thank you!

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ujwal dhakal

i think algorithm comes due to your work role too like you are only frontend guy and doesnt have to think much of algorithm than backend guy so my suggestion is learn to code api your algorithm will improve trust me :)

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Fadly Setiawan

yeah, probably my job doesn't have too much logic as backend does. the pain just came from javascript tricky part, Thanks for your suggestion! will find out more about your advice!

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Ryan Burmeister-Morrison • Edited

Hi! I'm glad you have a desire to improve. That'll get you far.

For time management, I tend to have a simple todo list for small projects. Just a list of features to add to my software. For bigger software, a scrum board works well for me, since it's just a big, more complex todo list. I'd look that up. There are several scrum board applications like GloBoards or Trello. You have your tasks and their relationships and you drag them between the states they're in ("Todo", "Doing", "Done").

As for improving your skills, I think I find that I learn the most when comparing code I've written to code somebody else writes. For example, has daily coding challenges, and sometimes I just like to look through what people post. You can learn a lot that way.

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Fadly Setiawan • Edited

Hi Ryan, my co-worker had always put the sticky notes in front of his monitor. when I ask him what does it for, he told me that he wants to keep track his progress, maybe it's the most trivial thing that I actually know but tend to ignore, I'm having terrible with short term and long term memory but, keep still rely on it. it's worth to buys some eventually. well I kinda feel uncomfortable having more than 5 tabs on my browser.

this is my first time actively involve at a since I start to create the account, well I'll explore the posts that relate with me then. thanks mate!

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Hi Fadly, here is a post about productivity that I wrote recently if it helps. Good luck!

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Frank Font

If you are looking to work more quickly getting the things that matter done, here is the way I do it ...

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Fadly Setiawan

Thanks for sharing!
Ah yeah I've tried it that once, maybe I should use that method consistently