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Discussion on: You should quit your job.

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Mvsica Donvm Dei

I can completely relate to this article and the points raised, it is not the easiest lifestyle yet building your own enterprise is the most rewarding thing you could ever do.

"what’s needed is capital-t Time" is an absolute. I've come up with a football analogy, where I play the quarterback and throw the ball then double as the receiver to catch the ball and sprint as long as possible. I've had to do this a couple times and each time I make many more yards. Right now I'm close to getting the touchdown and winning the game.

Between these plays I take a short contract or job to get what only money can buy. Even so I am very mindful of commute time, because I still want a good chunk of development time each day. I make sure to get my work bench into good shape so that each days focus is fast and I can accomplish milestones even in spite of a side job. Presently, I'm counting down to capital-t Time again :)

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Mo Bitar Author

That's a nice way of looking at it :)