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Setup Mobile OTP using AWS

Recently I was working on a project where I had to integrate an OTP System with Transactional SMS.

I used the Amazon (AWS) SNS (Simple Notification Service) for sending SMS and implemented the API using Express.js (Node.js)

Checkout the project here

AWS-SNS-SMS-OTP API in NodeJS (Express.js)


  • Create an account on AWS
  • Navigate to SNS
  • Create Security Credentials
  • Apply for Extension in Message Limit by contacting customer support in case the OTP fails

API Endpoint

GET Request to / route with following paramaters in the GET Request

  • message String
  • number String
  • subject String


Send a GET Request from browser,


After triggering the API, you will receive the OTP.

OTP from AWS SNS API Nodejs

The mobile number should be E.164 format but without the + character.


You want to send a message to a number,

The country code is 44

The mobile number is (0)7700 900123

The E.164 format would be +447700900123

Remove the + character

Then Visit

http://localhost:3000/?message=my message&number=447700900123&subject=My Subject

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