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Ali Abbas
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Chrome extension for binge watchers

Just a week of engineering and developed this very useful chrome extension for all the binge-watchers. 🚀

Chrome Extension Video progress indicator

💻 This extension will display a numeric percentage on the top right side of the player and will show the progress of the video completed.

Either Binge-watching or just exploring youtube videos, always be informed of the video progress in the form of a percentage. Being an engineer, I always have an eye for User Experience in any product that I use.

So while watching videos on major OTT platforms, after switching to full screen, I had to hover over the screen again and again to check the remaining time and the same scenario occurred during college days while preparing for exams, long lectures on youtube watching at 2X speed and that too one day before the exam, it was hard for me to cope-up with those lectures and waiting when it will end.

So in order to ease my life, I developed this extension. After successfully testing it on youtube, extended the support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney HotStar, and many other platforms.

I’ve added it on google chrome store

You can try and do let me know if there is any room for improvement.

Chrome Store Link
Website Link

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Siddhant Ota

💓💓 always needed this.

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Ali Abbas

Thank you. Glad you liked it