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Patricia Joanne
Patricia Joanne

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Tooth Aches Diagnosis Expert System

Today is the day of me and my team to present about our Artificial Intelligence midterm project and I will share a little about it now. This project is using Exsys Corvid for making the program. As you can see we made a program called “Tooth Aches Diagnosis Expert System”.

Well actually I didn’t give any effort in this project. I even didn’t know how my program worked LOL. Thanks to Santo which was our MVP for this project. He was known as a lazy guy in my class but he showed us that he could be serious too if he really wanted to do it. He made the program entirely and explained it to us just before the presentation. The other team members including me only said chit-chat in front of the practical assistants while Santo explained the main topic.

Ummm I don’t know the details but this is the summary about our program. There are diseases and symptoms as the variables. Diseases are signed P1, P2, etc. and symptoms are signed G1, G2, etc. Then we made the logic based on the facts. After that we executed it. Just answer yes or no to find out. Done.

Again thanks again to Santo for being our MVP in this project. This maybe wasn’t a big project but this was really helpful for our midterm score. The best of this program was no bugs found! This project was really really final. Feel free to take a look for the complete program in my Github here. Remember, run it in Exsys Corvid okay. The contents are mostly HTML but you have to run the .CVD file instead. By the way, Exsys Corvid isn’t an open source software but there is a 30 days trial version if you want to download. Too bad I am too lazy to find the cracked software in the internet and I think nobody wants to crack this old software. Seriously, I like Artificial Intelligence but all software that we learned were really outdated OMG.

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