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Forget that TODO app, this repo will teach you real-world dev skills

In today's Best of GitHub segment, we're taking a look at "the mother of all demo apps" known as realworld.

This repo lets you combine any frontend of your choosing with any backend of your choosing.

Whether you want to go with something like React and Node or mix things up and go super Frankenstein crazy with Hyperapp and Ruby on Rails, they all adhere to the same API spec so you are free to mix and match!

The realworld repo was spearheaded by gothinkster and is available here:


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Top comments (7)

simbo1905 profile image
Simon Massey

I just made a post that deploys one of the realworld apps to Kubernetes using git webhooks. Not only is the set of apps awesome for learning frameworks they are awesome for trying out cloud native deployments.

torstendittmann profile image
Torsten Dittmann

That is actually the way I prefer for an example app. Thanks for the post!

blazephoenix profile image
Tanmay Naik

This is neat!

matthias profile image
Matthias 🤖

Thank you for sharing! This is indeed very handy 👍

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

I remember finding that 'realworld' project last year and it came in handy when I had to learn how to create a backend with Haskell/Yesod.

quantuminformation profile image

Trouble is some of the repos like react redux are out of date and should be moved to other maintainers.