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These are awesome questions. I've used similar ones for years. They completely change my ability to choose better and better employers and assess what I'm about to commit to.

A question I specifically ask my future managers:

"Tell me about what you do leading up to taking vacation"

I get them to tell me the steps they take before they feel they can leave their teams for a while. I'm paying attention to a few things. Do they take vacations or is there too much to do? How many things to they need to arrange/fix/organize for their teams before they leave? When they leave do they actually leave or are they still calling and emailing?

I'll have a pretty good idea if this manager is someone who can truly trust their teams and delegate well or are they trapped feeling like they have to control everything.

I also ask everyone, "If you had authority, what one thing you would change here?" I wanna hear about the less glamorous side of things too.


I like the vacation question, great indirect approach! Thank you for sharing.

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