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Usually I use SSH and Termux on my Pixel2XL, or via Snowflake (github.com/subhra74/snowflake) on my laptop, but I've recently installed and am trying out NoMachine (nomachine.com/everybody) which is totally cross platform (Android and iOS too!) Along with these, I use my portable keyboard that I love and have been using for over a year now -- it has no stickers or name on it, but it's aluminum housing with a trac-pad for $40CDN. I have no affiliation, but here's the amazon page for it since it's great: amazon.ca/dp/B077SD8PHT/ref=pe_303... . Also is this amazing bluetooth speaker ($36CDN) that is exceptional sounding and has a microSD slot too! Again, no affiliation: amazon.ca/dp/B01HTH3C8S/ref=pe_303... . I wanted to give the links since it took me a lot of time and research to find! Cheers!


Thanks for the portable keyboard link, might try it out one day :)
I was familiar with Anker products, especially speakers, power-banks, chargers. Great quality for the price :)

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