What mobile apps do you use to assist you in your developer workflow?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

I use DEV and Reddit for some dev discussions while in commute and Podcasts while doing sports/training. I also believe that putting down ideas, whenever they arrive, is crucial, so I use Trello for that. Plus E-mail to get real-time communication notifications when I'm AFK.

As you see I keep it pretty minimal and believe that main workflow should always be in your PC/Mac. I believe that putting too much stuff in phone can become a distraction sooner or later.

Could you briefly describe your mobile phone setup you use to assist you in your developer workflow? What are some apps you would recommend to try?


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Google Keep is basically my sticky notes for transient dev work.


used them on my pc for a while, found out them to be relatively slow at accessing and processing, switched to notion and now trello :)


Tbh never actually explored MS mobile products :)
Thanks for recommendation, would check them out :)


That would really be nice. Both products are excellent and have been serving me very well.


Notion is awesome and also markdown friendly


Sure thing, the possibilities are endless, it's almost to the point that it seems too much (I never though there would be a case I would say that about some app), hahah xdd


Haha totally. Everything I made with Notion does not beat 10% of all possibilities


I use Telegram for communication.


Never tried it tbh, is it better than Slack?


Usually I use SSH and Termux on my Pixel2XL, or via Snowflake (github.com/subhra74/snowflake) on my laptop, but I've recently installed and am trying out NoMachine (nomachine.com/everybody) which is totally cross platform (Android and iOS too!) Along with these, I use my portable keyboard that I love and have been using for over a year now -- it has no stickers or name on it, but it's aluminum housing with a trac-pad for $40CDN. I have no affiliation, but here's the amazon page for it since it's great: amazon.ca/dp/B077SD8PHT/ref=pe_303... . Also is this amazing bluetooth speaker ($36CDN) that is exceptional sounding and has a microSD slot too! Again, no affiliation: amazon.ca/dp/B01HTH3C8S/ref=pe_303... . I wanted to give the links since it took me a lot of time and research to find! Cheers!


Thanks for the portable keyboard link, might try it out one day :)
I was familiar with Anker products, especially speakers, power-banks, chargers. Great quality for the price :)


I mostly browse HackerNews and Gitlab Activities via Firefox iOS.

Appwise, I use Github, Papership (To read paper etc) and slack for communication.


i had github on my phone, tho never used it for anything productive, rather than just getting notifications :)


Termux on my Dex enabled phone with code-server (arm build) as my IDE. I use Trello or github issues (via fasthub) as my team management tools.