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Discussion on: DEV VS Hashnode VS Medium: Where Should You Start Your Tech Blog

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Reme Le Hane

Hashnode and dev can be monitized via While mediums partner program is pretty good, its very restricted at the moment as they are dependant on stripe who does not have a very wide reach.

Personally living in South Africa, there is no way to use the program, I can get in via a VPN, sign up with stripe, but without being able to verifity with a form of verification from one the country you selected you are SOL.

Medium probably has the potential to be more profitable, but at the same time, as a developer are you writting to get paid or writting to share knowledge and possible get noticed.

I tested out the MPP and in 2 weeks made $50, but can't actually get it and will be moving all my posts back to public as it was literally a test, I have a job, I don't really need to get paid for sharing my knowledge, I rather be part of the community and give away freely.

While everythign is posted on all 3 platforms, even without posting to a larger publication, I still get at least 3x the readers via medium than, however, that could be as a direct result of medium being th eonly links I share accross social media.

I am going to switch to hashnode being my primary posting platform, with dev and medium being teh reshare sites. Hashnode does have considerably more features and visually its far more appealing.

If I make a few bucks via coil, then happy days, some extra crypto, but I prefer the fact that it in order to maybe make a few bucks it does not need to be hidden behind a paywall, blocking it from being accessible to the wider community.