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Discussion on: I Need jQuery

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Reme Le Hane

Ya, you clearly do not understand cost value analysis, while I at no point said jQuery does not add value, in the vast majority of implications the cost far exceeds the value.

I write high performance we applications, up until the day I come across an application that will make 100% utilisation of every feature jQuery has, then all its doing is slowing down my application with code I DO NOT NEED AND CANNOT EXCLUDE.

Every application I wrote only ever has the code it needs, nothing more. Performance is king, no wasted wasted space, no unnecessary bloat.

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Choco Lim

I do understand actually, but since I am not programing a kernel module using jquery, I am ok with it.

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Adrian B.G.

You clearly haven't used a profiler to compare how a 40kb code that is not executed improves your performance. You just throwing big words or your websites has to run on fridges and TVs.