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Jeremy Grifski

Naturally, I've got a great project for new contributors for #hacktoberfest. If you know any programming language at all, you can start contributing.

Sample Programs in Every Language (73 stars, 29 forks) is a project that launched back in March of 2018, so it's relatively new. We're looking for people who know obscure, esoteric, and machine languages to start sharing their knowledge with the repo.

TheRenegadeCoder / sample-programs

Sample Programs in Every Programming Language

Sample Programs in Every Language

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/TheRenegadeCoder/sample-programs

Welcome to the Sample Programs in Every Language repository! What began as a simple 100 Days of Code challenge has expanded into a fun project Within this repository, you'll find a growing collection of simple programs in just about every programming language to date.

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Originally, I had planned to have an article written for every code snippet in this repository However, in the interest of growing this collection, I removed the pull request merge article requirement As a result, not every code snippet in the repository has an associated article, yet.

Of course, we're adding articles every day, and we're tracking our article progress under the issues tab Feel free to request your favorites from there, and we'll try to move them up the queue. If you can't wait, consider writing the article yourself. Prospective authors can find directions in the contributing doc

If code snippets aren't your thing, perhaps you'd be interested in helping us automate our wiki using Python.

TheRenegadeCoder / sample-programs-wiki-generator

A wiki generation solution for Sample Programs

The Sample Programs Wiki Generator

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/TheRenegadeCoder/sample-programs-wiki-generator

Currently, the Sample Programs Wiki Generator repo houses the generate-wiki.py script which we use in the Sample Programs repository to generate our wiki documentation. The script is automated by a Travis CI build in the Sample Programs repo.

If you would like to propose a change, feel free to leverage the issues tab or make a pull request.

How It Works

The generate_wiki.py script works by analyzing the information in the Sample Programs repository and storing that information in objects. These objects are then used to generate various wiki pages in Markdown.

What is Automated

Currently, the script generates 27 pages: 1 alphabet catalog and 26 alphabet pages.

The alphabet catalog contains a table with links to each alphabet page as well as meta data like the number of scripts and languages per letter. In addition, the alphabet catalog contains the total number of scripts…

As always, we need authors as well to help write several articles. Check out our current milestones for more information.