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Deploy Prometheus + Grafana to Kubernetes by Helm 3

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Make your own Prometheus + Grafana in kubernetes cluster and start monitoring it in some minutes😌

Add repository of stable charts

Helm3 has not default repository.

helm repo add stable

Install prometheus-operator

helm install my-prometheus-operator stable/prometheus-operator

Show pods

kubectl --namespace default get pods -l "release=my-prometheus-operator"

Show Grafana UI

kubectl port-forward $(kubectl get pods --selector=app=grafana --output=jsonpath="{}") 3000

Open it http://localhost:3000/

Discussion (2)

flypenguin profile image
Axel Bock

did someone solve this -> ?
cause I'm still getting those errors, and the installation does not work properly after.

davidzisky profile image
David Zisky

Simple and easy but would be worth to mention default credentials for Grafana: login/pass: admin/prom-operator