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7 Good Reasons To Use ReactJS for App Development!

Before we Begin,

The first look of your web application directly affects your business growth. If you did not know this before, it is high time that you gather more information about the same and act on it accordingly. You can search for the best front end developers available in the industry and get more audiences hooked to your web apps.

It is very essential that web applications designed for your businesses are alluring and highly engaging. No matter, you are busy in a meeting, attending a conference, talking to your employees or perhaps doing anything in the world, a business app should compel viewers to hop right onto the screen leaving everything aside.

But, have you ever thought about how could you drive more traffic to your apps. React JavaScript is the answer. It is awesome. It is indeed! React JS has made a strong presence in the app development industry. Big enterprises such as Netflix and Apple, use ReactJS which makes it a popular choice among web app developers.

As per the statistics provided by Statista, among all the JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools used by developers worldwide, 27.8 percent of them use Reactjs for building business apps. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using React and its use cases.

What are the Major Challenges Faced while making a Web App?

Undoubtedly, making an app is not a cakewalk. Choosing the wrong strategy to execute your plans can drive you crazy. Any loopholes or flaws in the app development process can cost you a lot, resulting in huge business losses. Surely, this is not what you are looking for. As in the words of Liu Xiang,

              Challenges are meant to be met and overcome 

While your competitors are chalking out the right strategy without wasting a single second, it is a must for you to get the right plan of action before you start with web application development. Let’s have a look at some of the challenges that you face while creating a web app.

User Experience and User Interface

With the advent of digital marketing, highly responsive and creative websites are expected now. Your app should be enticing enough to retain the interest of your audience. One more thing that is important is easy navigation. If your users get frustrated or get confused while going through the app, then it becomes very difficult to retain your users. You can choose the best coders for the process of React web development to enrich the look of your web page.


Balancing the load between the servers is another challenge that you may face while doing web application development using ReactJS. You should not throw all the load on a single server. Instead, you should design software applications that can work on many servers. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help in resolving this issue when more and more servers are added.


Good website speed plays a major role in making it successful. Slow apps are considered as a failure. Customers abscond websites that take too much time to upload. This damages the revenue and reputation of your company. Some of the performance issues that usually occur include poorly written code, un-optimized databases, high response time, etc.

Knowledge of Framework and Platform

Sound knowledge of frameworks and platforms before developing an app helps to boost the app performance. Web platforms provide libraries that are required to develop a web application or website. If the developers do not have enough knowledge about the same, then this comes as a challenge while developing a web app. With React web development, you can surely overcome this problem as it already has inbuilt libraries.


While making an app, it is important that your app is secured. Especially if it is dealing with vital information such as payment details, contact information, and confidential data. Security threats can damage the functioning of your apps. Some of these include Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Shell Injection, Phishing, Session Hijacking, etc. You may also want to read about the common mistakes in React Development.

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Why choose ReactJS for Web App Development?

By now, you have come to know about the challenges that arise during web application development. But React can help in resolving all these issues. You can read further to know why should you choose React JavaScript to create web applications suiting your business specifics.

Easy to Learn and Understand

When it comes to developing an app that helps you engage more users for scaling your business growth, then what else can serve your purpose better than ReactJS? This JavaScript library is easy to learn and understand. Any react js developer can easily master it quickly without facing issues. All that you need is to have a basic knowledge of the below-mentioned things.

HTML/CSS: You should have a good understanding of HTML/CSS, which makes it easier to learn Reactjs.

JavaScript: You should know about JavaScript and more about what is DOM.
ES6: This is the advanced JavaScript. It allows you to write code in a clever way.

Node/NPM: While Node.js makes it possible for you to run JavaScript outside of the browser, NPM (node package manager) allows you to install libraries like React to your project.

Webpack: It is a JavaScript module bundler that helps to compile/run React.

Reusability of Code Components

Earlier, ReactJS was rigid and it did not allow the developers to reuse the code components. Later, when Facebook took over React, a lot of functionalities were added that made the entire task a lot simpler for the developers. Code reusability not only saves the time of the developers but also helps them from not getting hooked in the hassles of writing the entire code time and again.

All the components of ReactJS are isolated from one another. This makes all the components to work independently. So, making changes in components does not affect the other components thus making it easier for the webmaster to handle the task. This is why ReactJS is a preferred choice of large enterprises for web application development.

Stability of Code

Well, using React JavaScript helps you in building a dynamic app for your business, it offers a number of advantages to the developers too. Higher code stability is one of these. The coders can easily make changes in the code structure. They need not worry about the impact that it can have on the parent structure while changing the child structure. This reduces the complexities faced by the developers while coding. In case, you wish to know more, you can hire reactjs developers for creating custom-tailored web apps with an alluring interface.

Quick Rendering

What is the most important thing that helps businesses to gain profits and gives you promising results? A quick rendering technology that can assist in accomplishing tasks in a faster and quicker manner. Saving time surely cuts down the cost that is spent on app development. This is not possible while using most of the front-end technologies.

This flaw was carefully observed by the development team of Facebook, who overcame this obstacle by implementing a virtual DOM that helped in removing bottlenecks from code rendering thus making the entire web application development process easier than ever before.

SEO Friendly

Now here comes the most dominant feature of ReactJS which makes it so desirable. Many search engines face troubles and struggle hard while reading JavaScript-heavy applications. Although Google has made the relevant and needed adjustments, there are many other search engines that still face issues.
The evolution of ReactJS has come up with a great solution to this problem. React uses a virtual DOM. It sends a request to the browser thus rendering it as a regular web page. This makes it easy for the search engines to crawl your website or mobile app, which increases the chances of getting ranked on the top of the search engine index.

Helpful Developer Toolkit

ReactJS is simple to learn and execute, hence the task becomes all the more easy for the newly hired coder. React offers the best-in-class debugging and design tools. You can also download the browser extension called, “React Developer Tools” for both Chrome and Firefox.

React Developer Tools is a Chrome DevTools extension for the open-source React JavaScript library. It allows you to inspect the React component hierarchies in the Chrome Developer Tools.

Strong Community

The worldwide use of ReactJS for app development is growing with each passing day. The great performance offered by React is one of the major reasons behind this. Earlier, React was primarily used for internal use, but it was later introduced to the world. And now, its gaining prominence all over the world.
With React becoming better and better, it is used by a number of companies to create custom-tailored web applications. React has more than 100 contributors on GitHub and an active community of ReactJS developers on major platforms such as StackOverflow, Slack, Reactiflux Chart, Freenode IRC and different forums. Besides these giant enterprises, even small startups choose to go for React web development. You can clearly see the widespread usage of ReactJS from this.

Top 5 ReactJS Websites built using React Framework

ReactJS is being used across major industry verticals these days. Some of the popular websites built using React include.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, React is an ideal choice for your next web application development. It is an open-source technology and easy to learn as well. In order to develop an app that suits your business specifics, you need to know well about your project needs.

In order to hit the anticipated enterprise’s targets from your web applications, it is important to ensure that they are crafted professionally and in line with the latest technologies prevailing in the market. To make an effective app with an alluring interface, you should consider React for your web application development.
You could also hire react developers to help you understand more about React and how can you use it in your business for a competitive advantage. A ReactJS developer will help you in accelerating business growth, cutting on costs, and raising conversion rates.

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