re: What is difference among enterprise architect, solution architect, software architect, system architect and cloud architect? VIEW POST

re: This is the only correct answer (so far). I think there is a rather perverse obsession on job titles. (Not just in the software industry, in genera...

One problem with defining a title is restricting the roles.

Sometimes just because you're an architect, you don't write mundane boring janitorial code. Just because you're a lead it means your decision has more weight. You because you're a programmer, you don't think critically about integrating with other parts of the systems.

It takes away shared responsibility and builds a hierarchical relationship.

Systems expands (or sometimes shrink) across time and roles changes. You could define your whole system as a unique system/solution, but things split and decouples.

I still don't get the "enterprise" thing though.

"Enterprise" is just a word that you use to say that you are just looking at a (flawed) high level abstraction of a thing, and are not concerned with everything below.

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