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I've never used neither React nor Redux but I really liked your post. I think being part (and in your case being a leader) of such a huge ecosystem will make you encounter FUD, inevitably. The very fact that many people are using React and Redux without even being sure if they need all that power it's probably a child of that mentality. Kudos to you and the team for developing such a project and for keeping it relevant.

If Redux won't survive the the test of time and the ecosystem evolution (a Shinkansen basically!!), well..., it happens to the best of projects but there is no need to cut other people's legs because you don't agree with this or that technical decision.

I started programming as a teenager (hello, Object Pascal!) and I'm certainly guilty of having been a smart-ass or spreading FUD in this or that mailing list.

Well, it helps no one.

Good luck for the project!

Ps. I feel like Jeff Atwood's rule about everything being eventually written in JS should be adapted to React 🤣

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